June 19th’s Seattle’s Mktg Analytics Group -Creativity in the Digital Age w/ Roy Sharples of Microsoft

Sustained creativity has always been a true differentiator. The people who regularly break through the status quo—and embolden others to do it, too—become our models for true ingenuity. Mentorship, collaboration, continuous learning, a growth mindset and, most of all, the human spirit are the engines that drive transformation in society, in business, and in the arts. The “Creativity in the Digital Age” presentation by Roy Sharples, Global Director of Digital Transformation and Innovation at Microsoft, will shine a spotlight on the vision, techniques, and values that fuel continual innovation and inventiveness.

About Our Presenter:
Roy Sharples is Global Director of Digital Transformation and Innovation at Microsoft, where he is part of a specialist unit that reimagines and accelerates organizations across the planet to be digital businesses by challenging the status quo to imagine the art of the possible, advance human experience, transform business with game changing strategies and technology that positively progress societal change. Roy has held a range of product development, marketing and design consulting leadership positions, with diverse international experiences at developing growth businesses with large enterprises, emerging markets and start-ups across global, North American, European and UK markets.

You can find Roy’s profile here: http://bit.ly/2Iycj5D

RSVP Now for June LAMAG

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