January 17th’s Los Angeles Marketing Analytics Group Event – Retention Analytics in a Shrinking Industry w/ Xander Phoenix of AT&T

eSage Group’s L.A. Marketing Analytics Group Presents Xander Phoneix, Associate Director of Customer Retention Marketing Analytics with AT&T

Join us as Xander provides an intriguing presentation that discusses how analytics are used at AT&T – from segmentation to ultimately saving customers while combating an industry that is shrinking and competition that is narrowing.
Xander will discuss:

What pushes customers to their breaking point?
-Customer pain points created thru the normal course of business
-Recurring incidental events driven by inefficiencies in the business

How to start listening to the customer personas
-Segment the customer base by experiences and events that positively/negatively impact churn to drive retention strategies
-Create special discount offers based on consumer feedback, while factoring in differences by geography

How to call the customer’s bluff
-Determine whether the customer experience issue is solvable and whether it is worth solving
-Identify which customers are trying to game the system by bluffing to get special discounts, and which customers are actually serious about disconnecting

You can view Xander’s LinkedIn Profile here.



**Our permanent event location is now at VideoAmp Headquarters: 2229 S. Carmelina Ave., Los Angeles – Parking attendants will be on hand to direct you to free parking when you arrive!**


eSage Group (http://bit.ly/2f0JdMj) is the organizer and sponsor for the L.A. and Seattle Marketing Analytics Groups (http://bit.ly/2vxV6B4).

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