Join us on March 19th for the Seattle Marketing Analytics Group’s Event – Modern Day CRM (er, CDP?) – What Data do You Need to be Effective? w/ Samsonite and TUMI

eSage Group’s Seattle Marketing Analytics Group presents Charlie Cole, Global Chief eCommerce Officer at Samsonite and Chief Digital Officer at TUMI to present “Modern day CRM (er, CDP?) – What Data do You Need to be Effective?”

Customer data needs have changed within organizations over the last 5 years arguably more than ever before. Between privacy concerns, multiple points of distribution, multiple points of contact and the need to differentiate your brand over the long term – the traditional ‘CRM’ is all but dead. The Customer Data Platform has become a Gartner quadrant only within the last 2 years, so the technology is still largely misunderstood and misused. Let’s discuss what a CDP truly is (and isn’t) and what your customer data infrastructure should look like.

You can view Charlie’s LinkedIn Profile here.

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eSage Group ( ) is the organizer and sponsor for the LA ( ) and Seattle Marketing Analytics Groups.

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