About eSage Group


Since 1998, eSage Group has been focused on leveraging the right software, smart technologists and a clear focus on business goals to rapidly create analytics solutions that truly perform, meet clear ROI objectives and provide our customers with a competitive advantage.  Only through a deep understanding of your business and the analytics marketplace can we truly help you navigate the myriad of technology options out there to reach your sales and marketing potential.


eSage Group’s services helps you quickly and effectively connect your marketing data from social media, websites, digital advertising, customer relationship management and other enterprise systems, allowing you to move from isolated data to fully integrated, cross-channel predictive analytics. This allows you the ability to uncover hidden insights that give you a more complete view of your customers, leading to more effective marketing campaigns and continual improvement throughout the life of the campaign.


Partial list of customers includes: Disney/ABC Television Group, Microsoft, JustFab, FullScreen, Vivint, Delta Western and more.


eSage Group believes that investing in the marketing analytics community benefits all.  By hosting numerous analytics related educational events each month we are able to help educate others on the potential of current technology and share best practices to greatly improve marketing insights and overall marketing performance.

We engage with companies like Mattel, Belkin, Haute Look, T-Mobile, Amazon, Nordstrom, Microsoft, Expedia, and Alaska Airlines to speak at our meetups to share best practices with the analytics community. We organize and sponsor both the Seattle Marketing Analytics Group and LA Marketing Analytics Group.


605 First Avenue, Suite 510
Seattle, WA 98104
Phone 206.342.9981

Visit eSageGroup.com for more information on our service offerings.

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