Insights into Big Data and Marketing

Recently, I came across an article by Michael Brenner, VP of Marketing and Content Strategy for SAP and Forbes contributing author. He highlights that to derive value from Big Data, make sure that you start with a set up well thought out questions. He also refers to some tips that eSage Group's own Dean Bedard... Continue Reading →

“Wow, is this really true??…. A recent article by Doug Henschen in InformationWeek (see full text below) mentions a prediction from Gartner that indicates CMO’s will outspend CIO’s on technology by 2017.  Even if this prediction is anywhere near true, it would be amazing and really shows the influence that digital marketing and associated analytics technologies... Continue Reading →

It’s Time To Kill Your IT Strategy

Intriguing Forester article.  The author suggests that technology is so central to business these days that there should not really be a separate IT strategy, but rather a business strategy with a technology component.  It's hard to argue that technology is not a very core part of most businesses these days and there definitely needs... Continue Reading →

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