The Future of Enterprise Analytics

Over the last couple weeks since the 2016 Hadoop Summit in San Jose, eSage Group has been discussing the future of big data and enterprise analytics.  Quick note – Data is data and data is produced by everything, thus big data is really no longer an important term. eSage Group is specifically focused on the... Continue Reading →

Saffron is more than just a spice!

Last night was the 8th eSage Group co-sponsored Seattle Scalability MeetUp hosted at There were about 130 people in attendance to hear about HBase and Saffron. Very cool stuff!! Here is the SlideShare. Summary: Nick Dimiduk from Hortonworks, the father of HBase, gave us a sneak peek at what's in store for the developer using... Continue Reading →

Starting With Hive

By Raul Overa, Software Engineer So you have Big Data stored in Hadoop and want to make it accessible to Non-Java programmers?  Hives lets you access your data without the need to create Map Reduce jobs .  They let you access your data with SQL-like language and takes cares of translating it into Map Reduce... Continue Reading →

Tech Talk with J’son

We are going to feature a technical article once a week by eSage's very own,J'son Cannelos, Partner and Principal Architect.  Check back every week for another Tech Talk with J'son.  Have a question?  Post a comment and he will be happy to answer.       Hadoop and a Beginning MapReduce Program With all the hoopla... Continue Reading →

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