All Your Data Working Together: Actionable Insights in Real-Time w/ Machinima Digital Networks

“All Your Data Working Together: Actionable Insights” A 360 Degree Perspective of Datorama: from Client to Vendor to Consultant Presenting: Jeff Bertman, Chief Data Engineer and Director of Data Engineering at Machinima Digital Networks, Jack Cochran, Southwest Regional Sales Engineer at Datorama, and Margot Purcell, Client Success Partner at eSage Group. For our September event,... Continue Reading →

July 10th’s LA Marketing Analytics Group – A “Start-Up” Reporting & Analytics Group is Born Out of Crisis @ Bank of America

During the financial crisis of 2007, investors started asking for mortgage loans to be purchased back at unprecedented volumes due to so many bad loans in the marketplace. Arm Loans with outrageous APR increases were maturing and loan recipients were defaulting at rates never seen before. The investors, who at one time purchased the loans... Continue Reading →

Implementing Machine Learning For Deeper Marketing Insights

Does your sales and marketing organization want to leverage the valuable insights derived from Machine Learning technology, but you currently don’t have the available technical resources on board to get started?  eSage Group can help you leverage your current analytics infrastructure and implement the latest Machine Learning tools to better understand your customers and optimize... Continue Reading →

June 19th’s Seattle’s Mktg Analytics Group -Creativity in the Digital Age w/ Roy Sharples of Microsoft

Sustained creativity has always been a true differentiator. The people who regularly break through the status quo—and embolden others to do it, too—become our models for true ingenuity. Mentorship, collaboration, continuous learning, a growth mindset and, most of all, the human spirit are the engines that drive transformation in society, in business, and in the... Continue Reading →

May 15th’s Seattle Marketing Analytics Group – Practical CLV for Marketing Optimization w/ Pip Courbois of Groupon

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is a proven tool for optimizing customer-acquisition and -lifecycle growth. However, CLV is often deemed out of reach for many marketing teams because of the cost of outsourcing it and lack of internal expertise. Groupon took an iterative approach to CLV that did not have a high cost-to-enter yet proved its... Continue Reading →

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