April 17th’s Seattle Mktg Analytics Group – Building a Data Oriented Marketing Team – Gavin Warrener of T-Mobile

T-Mobile has a very successful consumer business and a slick consumer marketing team that drives “Un-Carrier” moves that are increasing net new customers by 1 million or more a quarter. T-Mobile for Business is a fledgling organization that is leveraging a great consumer brand to create credibility and opportunities with businesses. In his presentation, Gavin... Continue Reading →


Announcing April and May Seattle Marketing Analytics Meetup Speakers

  We are excited to announce the next 2 months of Seattle Marketing Analytics Meetups. On April 17th, we have Gavin Warrener, Director of Digital and Demand Generation at T-Mobile, presenting Building a Data Oriented Marketing Team. In his presentation, Gavin will discuss Differences between B2B and B2C oriented brand analytics The unique data issues... Continue Reading →

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